Additional Services and Features


Static Public IP's

With your internet service we have the option to assign you a static public IP.  Call for pricing.

I.T. Services

We are available for I.T. services Commercial and Residential.  Anywhere from PC repair, drive recovery, home installations.  To server installs, virtualization, and VoIP systems.  Call for a quote.

(Please be aware that we do jobs and full support/management.  We back our work and will fix anything that was not done correctly on our part.  We do not do day to day troubleshooting.)

Router Management

For $5 a month we will give you a top grade WiFi  setup and manage it for you.  We take the hassle out of shopping for a good router and what to do if something goes wrong.  If it breaks we fix it, if it really breaks then we replace it for free.  

(This service is not available for routers or other home WiFi setups not purchased by Bears Ears Wireless.)

More Features to Come!

We are working on acquiring more services and features to provide to the community!